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Respect the waters of the sea


Sea conservation
More than 97% of all our planet's water is contained in its world-encircling ocean, its ecosystem a living entity waiting for its first contact with humankind.

Over 100 new ocean species have been discovered in coral reefs off Western Australia during a recent global census of marine life. They include exotic soft corals, new kinds of jellyfish, rays and shellfish, and parasites that feed on the tongues of fish. These discoveries are just a fraction of the new species being identified globally each year.

The sea and everything down there is an impressive mystery, especially when considering that it is not our world or realm. We must respect the oceans of our world, and we must first and foremost be careful not to destroy it through our careless pollution before we can even explore its depths fully.

Our very existence depends on water. If we ever fail to respect the waters of our world, we may wake up one day to find that we don't have a home.

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