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Sea conservation -- help save our seas!


save our seas
Once it was thought that the Earth had seven great seas. Now we know there is but one World Ocean and, without it, life would not exist on our planet. The seas are connected to every form of life here on earth. All life came from the sea, including us humans.

Our very bodies are mostly water. In this way we are all connected by the sea. We are all affected by the sea, just as we, in turn, affect the sea.

We must protect the ocean and all of its adjoining ecosystems. It is the only way to save ourselves.

Our valuable seas

Sea resources

The pollution of the seas

Is it worthwhile to practice water conversation?

Absolutely, yes! Anything we can do to reduce water usage is helpful.

Beyond water conservation, we also need to start creating and practicing ways of water purification through natural means such as reclamation marshes. An acre of land used to recreate a closed water purification environment can produce water that is at least as pure as a modern mountain stream.

Help save the seas

Make green choices every day

Further reading

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Wyland Ocean Wisdom Wyland Ocean Wisdom by Wyland (Wyland Worldwide LLC, 2000): To inspire your love of the ocean. This includes quotes, meditations, and art about the ocean and its inhabitants. A lovely and inspirational book.   Hold Your Water Hold Your Water: 68 Things You Need to Know to Keep Our Planet Blue by Wyland (Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2006): A straightforward guide to the many ways we can all conserve the precious resource that is water.

These books can be difficult to find since many are out of print. Some great places to buy used books online include:

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