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The art of marine artist and conservationist Wyland


Wyland art
Wyland (born Robert Wyland in 1956) is one of the foremost marine artists in the world. He is best known for his Whaling Walls, huge murals painted on the side of buildings. To date one hundred Whaling Walls have been painted, which is quite an accomplishment. He also has galleries in many major cities which feature both his own work and the work of other marine artists.

In addition to his fine art work, he is a noted conservationist, focusing on marine conservation (naturally). He founded the Wyland Foundation specifically to promote awareness of the need for conservation.

The Whaling Walls of marine artist Wyland

Twenty-seven years in the making, Wyland's Whaling Walls are dedicated to the concept of ocean conservation. These huge murals on the sides of buildings hopefully will inspire all those who view them to do their part before, like certain of the Walls, the sea creatures painted become extinct.

This series of paintings was completed in 2008.

  1. WW1: "Gray Whale and Calf" (09 July 1981) at Laguna Beach, California.
  2. WW2: "Young Gray Whale" (20 March 1982) at Ocean Institute, San Clemente, California. Now at Concordia Elementary School, San Clemente.
  3. WW3: "Spyhopping" (27 June 1984) at Marineland of the Pacific, Rancho Palos Verdes, California. Gone.
  4. WW4: "The Gray Whale Family" (26 September 1984) at White Rock, British Columbia, Canada.
  5. WW5: "The Orcas of Puget Sound" (10 November 1985) at Seattle, Washington. Gone.
  6. WW6: "Hawaiian Humpbacks" (21 April 1985) at Honolulu, Hawaii. Gone.
  7. WW7: "California Gray Whales" (06 July 1985) at Del Mar, California. Gone.
  8. WW8: "Orcas" (10 September 1985) at Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
  9. WW9: "First Voyage" (04 February 1986) at Polynesian Cultural Center Oahu, Hawaii. Gone.
  10. WW10: "Manatees" (1986) at Orlando International Airport, Florida.
  11. WW11: "First Born" (26 September 1986) at Orlando, Florida.
  12. WW12: "Laguna Coast" (02 February 1987) at Laguna Beach, California.
  13. WW13: "A-5 Pod" (20 June 1987) at Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
  14. WW14: "Sperm Whales" (14 October 1987) at Funabashi, Japan.
  15. WW15: "Dolphins of Makapuu Point" (1988) at Sealife Park, Oahu, Hawaii.
  16. WW16: "Orcas off Point Loma" (29 June 1989) at San Diego, California.
  17. WW17: "Bottlenose Dolphins" (27 August 1989) at Osaka, Japan.
  18. WW18: "Sperm Whales of the Mediterranean" (October 1989) at Nice, France.
  19. WW19: "Forbidden Reef" (09 July 1990) at San Diego, California. Gone.
  20. WW20: "Gray Whale Migration" (09 July 1990) at San Diego, California. Gone.
  21. WW21: "Washington Orcas" (July 1990) at Tacoma, Washington.
  22. WW22: "Orca Heaven" (1990) at Yamagata, Japan.
  23. WW23: "Bundaberg Humpback Family" (28 September 1990) at Bundaberg, Australia.
  24. WW24: "Humpback and Calf" (28 September 1990) at Sydney, Australia.
  25. WW25: "Humpbacks" (08 October 1990) at Madison Heights, Michigan.
  26. WW26: "Sperm Whales" Florida Keys Reef" (30 October 1990) at Marathon, Florida. Gone.
  27. WW27: "Minke Whales"; (30 October 1990) at Marathon, Florida.
  28. WW28: "A Time for Conservation" (08 January 1991) at Kauai, Hawaii.
  29. WW29: "Humpbacks off the Pali Coast" (08 January 1991) at Kauai, Hawaii.
  30. WW30: "Maui Humpback Breaching" (21 January 1991) at Lahaina, Hawaii. Gone.
  31. WW31: "Gray Whale Migration" (24 June 1991) at Redondo Beach, California.
  32. WW32: "Whales" (August 1991) at Taiji, Japan.
  33. WW33: "Planet Ocean" (09 July 1992) at Long Beach, California.
  34. WW34: "Ocean Biosphere" (18 April 1993) at Oracle, Arizona. Gone.
  35. WW35: "Orcas of the Oregon Coast" (09 May 1993) at Portland, Oregon. Gone.
  36. WW36: "Whales off the Coast of Maine" (07 June 1993) at Portland, Maine.
  37. WW37: "Isle of Shoals Humpbacks" (14 June 1993) at Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
  38. WW38: "Stellwagen Bank" (21 June 1993) at Boston, Massachusetts. Gone.
  39. WW39: "Finback Whales" (28 June 1993) at Providence, Rhode Island. Gone.
  40. WW40: "Inner City Whales" (05 July 1993) at New York City, New York.
  41. WW41: "The Great Sperm Whales" (12 July 1993) at New London, Connecticut.
  42. WW42: "East Coast Humpbacks" (19 July 1993) at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  43. WW43: "Humpbacks off the Jersey Coast" (26 July 1993) at Wildwood, New Jersey.
  44. WW44: "Delaware Marine Mammals" (02 August 1993) at Wilmington, Delaware.
  45. WW45: "Dolphins -- Small Tooth Whales" (09 August 1993) at Washington, D.C.
  46. WW46: "Extinct Atlantic Gray Whales" (16 August 1993) at Baltimore, Maryland.
  47. WW47: "Humpbacks off the Virginia Coast" (23 August 1993) at Norfolk, Virginia.
  48. WW48: "Coastal Dolphins" (30 August 1993) at Wilmington, North Carolina.
  49. WW49: "Right Whales off the South Carolina Coast" (06 September 1993) at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
  50. WW50: "Atlanta's Right Whales" (16 September 1993) at Atlanta, Georgia.
  51. WW51: "Florida's Dolphins" (20 September 1993) at Sarasota, Florida.
  52. WW52: "Florida's Living Reef" (27 September 1993) at Key West, Florida.
  53. WW53: "Orcas off the Gulf of Mexico" (14 March 1994) at South Padre Island, Texas.
  54. WW54: "Alaska's Marine Life" (08 August 1994) at Anchorage, Alaska.
  55. WW55: "Orcas A-30 Subpod" (15 August 1994) at Vancouver, Canada.
  56. WW56: "Vancouver Island Orcas" (15 August 1994) at Vancouver, Canada.
  57. WW57: "Leap of Faith"; (22 August 1994) at Seattle, Washington.
  58. WW58: "Orcas off the San Juan Islands" (22 August 1994) at Seattle, Washington.
  59. WW59: "Gray Whales off Oregon Coast" (29 August 1994) at Newport, Oregon.
  60. WW60: "Spyhopping Gray Whale" (05 September 1994) at San Francisco, California.
  61. WW61: "Grays off the San Francisco Coast" (05 September 1994) at San Francisco, California. Gone.
  62. WW62: "Celebrating Gray Whales" (12 September 1994) at Hollywood, California. Gone.
  63. WW63: "Life Size Blue Whales" (12 September 1994) at Hollywood, California.
  64. WW64: "San Diego Migration" (19 September 1994) at San Diego, California.
  65. WW65: "Friendly Grays of San Ignacio" (26 September 1994) at Mexico City, Mexico. Gone.
  66. WW66: "Free Keiko" (26 September 1994) at Mexico City, Mexico. Gone.
  67. WW67: "Earth Day Hawaii" (22 April 1995) at Honolulu, Hawaii.
  68. WW68: "Pacific Realm" (06 November 1996) at Laguna Beach, California.
  69. WW69: "The Blues Whales" (03 May 1997) at New Orleans, Louisiana.
  70. WW70: "Heavenly Waters" (01 September 1997) at Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  71. WW71: "Our Ocean Family" (08 September 1997) at Apple Valley, Minnesota.
  72. WW72: "Whale Commuters" (15 September 1997) at Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Gone.
  73. WW73: "The Windy Whales" (22 September 1997) at Chicago, Illinois.
  74. WW74: "Orcas Passage" (29 September 1997) at Indianapolis, Indiana.
  75. WW75: "Song of the Whales" (06 October 1997) at Cleveland, Ohio.
  76. WW76: "Whale Tower" (13 October 1997) at Broderick Tower, Detroit, Michigan.
  77. WW77: "Eye of the Whale" (21 October 1997) at Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Gone.
  78. WW78: "Florida's Marine Life" (04 May 1998) at Miami, Florida.
  79. WW79: "Santa Monica's Marine Life" (25 August 1998) at Santa Monica, California.
  80. WW80: "World of Ocean Life" (07 September 1998) at Salt Lake City, Utah.
  81. WW81: "Atlantic Humpback Whales" (29 September 1998) at Niagara Falls, New York.
  82. WW82: "Ocean Life" (16 April 1999) at Dallas, Texas.
  83. WW83: "Race to Save the Ocean" (12 June 1999) at San Diego, California.
  84. WW84: "New Zealand Marine Life" (15 October 1999) at New Zealand National Maritime Museum, Auckland, New Zealand. Gone.
  85. WW85: "New Millennium" (15 December 1999) at Honolulu, Hawaii.
  86. WW86: "Manatee Sanctuary" (23 October 2000) at Homosassa Springs, Florida.
  87. WW87: "Florida's Radiant Reef" (09 March 2001) at Marathon, Florida.
  88. WW88: "Marine Life of the Gulf" (17 October 2001) at Destin, Florida.
  89. WW89: "Humpback Realm" (December 2002) at NAVY Exchange, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
  90. WW90: "Palau's Blue Corner" (February 2003) at International Airport, Palau.
  91. WW91: "Guam's Ocean Life" (19 February 2004) at Guam International Airport, Hagatna, Guam.
  92. WW92: "Baja Tranquility" (08 August 2005) at La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico.
  93. WW93: "Great Whales of New Bedford" (20 October 2005) at New Bedford, Massachusetts.
  94. WW94: "Ride the Tide" (24 June 2006) at Del Mar, California.
  95. WW95: "Keys to the Seas" (12 February 2007) at Key Largo, Florida.
  96. WW96: "Riches of the Ocean" (12 April 2008) at Pago Pago, American Samoa.
  97. WW97: "Sea of Life" (10 May 2008) at Plymouth, England.
  98. WW98: "Celebrating the Reef" (17 May 2008) at Santos, Brazil.
  99. WW99: "Water for Life" (14 June 2008) at North Lauderdale, Florida.
  100. WW100: "Hands Across the Oceans" (14 June 2008) at Beijing, China.

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